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PLC Programming Outside the Factory

Machines are taking over the workplace. Namely, automation is coming to businesses of all kinds, large and small. By 2025, approximately 1.2 million machines will be used to carry out a variety of tasks in the United States. During that time, an additional 25 percent of all tasks in manufacturing that can be automated will be. As prices decrease and machines become smaller and easier to use, they will be widely deployed, some of them in places where humans once stood. In the next eight years, 22 percent of human workers in the manufacturing industry will be replaced with machines. And that’s just the beginning.

New Online Bachelor of Science Degree offered by George Brown College and Neumann University

George Brown College Center for Continuous Learning is pleased to announce a collaborative agreement with Neumann University that provides a direct pathway for graduates of our distance education-based, technical training programs into an Accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree with Neumann University.