Kenzie Markey

PLC and PLC Technician II Graduate

‘With government financial assistance, I was able to enroll into the PLC and PLC Technician II programs. I had one year of experience troubleshooting and programming PLCs, both the SLC500 and 5000 series, but felt that really wasn’t enough.  The PLC programs from George Brown College were the best option to increase my knowledge and allowed me to add new skills to my resume. I particularly liked the training I received using the simulation software and found it a huge benefit. The Resource Center was also very helpful whenever I had any questions.’
‘I started my new job, as an Electrician at Edson Forest Products, just as I was finishing the last module of the PLC Technician II program. My employer seemed very pleased with my initiative to take the programs and update my skills. I have told others about these programs and think they are a great resource for electrician’s wanting to head into maintenance.’ Meet our Graduates