Dave David
PLC Technician Graduate

PLC Technician Graduate Dave DavidDave David is a Automation Engineer (recently promoted from Maintenance Technician) and is a member of the automation team at Ventra Evart, a plastic injection molding company.

Dave understands the importance of maintaining his skills and staying current with the changes on the factory floor, "Ventra Evart has a large number of robotics from painting, to picking, to trimming and flaming. As a Robot Operator I needed to know how they all worked and began searching schools to find a program that would best suit my needs. I have a family and I needed to find a school that was not going to tie me down and give me the flexibility to work on it when I have time."

While he first worked as a "fabricator for their end of arm tools, buck holders, ati hook-ups conveyors" Dave is "now is in the R&D garage with two robots to simulate a real cell, teach pendants to program them, a flamer and a PLC cabinet." His day to day responsibilities haven't changed yet, however Dave knows with his recent promotion “the company sees my potential and will see changes soon."

Dave found the program "challenging and intriguing! I like to learn new things and enjoyed the interactive nature of the program… especially helpful were the practice tests which were useful to identify problem areas that I needed to spend more time on. I think that is what helped the most."

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