Rick Humphres
Electromechanical & PLC Graduate

Rick Humphres is an Instrumentation Technician responsible for troubleshooting, writing and editing PLCs and repairing electronics equipment. With the support of his employer, through tuition assistance, Rick enrolled in the Electromechanical and the PLC Technician programs to "acquire a stronger knowledge base in electronics and improve (his) work performance".

"There were many aspects of the program that I liked including the problem solving required in the modules and the practice tests. It was great way to confirm that I truly understood the material and identified any areas of weakness".

"I found the Resource Centre's Discussion Forums useful and turned to them when I came to point in a module that I just couldn't seem to wrap my head around. I was also able to help other students, through the forum, who were having problems with areas that I had already mastered. That was pretty rewarding".

"My responsibilities really haven't changed that much but I use my new knowledge on a daily basis and have a much better understanding of my job tasks. Equally important, I am able to accomplish & complete work in a timelier manner, without as much assistance".

I am looking forward to continuing my education with GBC.

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