Our Graduates

 Our graduates share stories about their experiences in the PLC Certificate programs.

Joseph Sallay

Joseph Sallay is an Operations Supervisor at a municipal wastewater treatment facility.  ‘PLCs are used throughout our main treatment plant and auxiliary facilities. Read More

Brett Seely

PLC Graduate

Brett Seely works at Santa Rosa Systems (SRS) as an Electrical Engineer. He designs extendable conveyor systems, specifically by writing and modifying programs, as well as providing backup to the primary programmer. Read More

Mike Diomartich

PLC Student

Mike Diomartich is a Mechanical Processing Engineer at FlowDynamics Inc., a company delivering food and beverage liquid processing services to the food and beverage industry. Part of Mike’s work mandate is to ‘bring PLC installation, programming and maintenance to the company.’ Read More.

Sumit Khangura

PLC Graduate

Sumit Khangura enrolled in the PLC Technician program to supplement his Electronics Engineering Technology degree, as it did not provide an in-depth study of PLCs. He explained that his employer, Nav Canada, ‘didn't even ask me about my degree, they wanted to know more about my certificate in PLCs.’

Sumit is an Installation Technician ‘responsible for doing any and all PLC and automation related work.’ Read More.

Rambhai Parmar

PLC Graduate

Rambhai Parmar works as an Instrument Journeyman at DCM. There he’s responsible for the day-to-day maintenance activities of the instrumentation systems (including PLC and DCS) for DCMs’ customers in the oil and gas sector. Read More

Eugene Alexeenko

PLC II Graduate

Eugene Alexeenko is an Electrical Instrumentation Control Technician at the City of Toronto working at a water treatment facility.

When I first immigrated to Toronto I worked as a C++ programmer before moving to BF Goodrich where I started working on PLC’s. I have always enjoyed programming so I enrolled in PLC Technician II. Read More

Scott Spooner 

PLC Technician II GraduatePLC Technician Graduate

Scott Spooner works as a Senior Electrician at Crucible Steel in Syracuse New York. Scott registered into the PLC Technician II program ‘to stay current with today's technology’.

Read More

Kenzie Markey

PLC & PLC Technician II Graduate

‘With government financial assistance, I was able to enroll into the PLC and PLC Technician II programs. I had one year of experience troubleshooting and programming PLCs, both the SLC500 and 5000 series, but felt that really wasn’t enough.  The PLC programs from George Brown College were the best option. Read more

Terrance Ryan
PLC Graduate

Terrance Ryan enrolled in the PLC Technician Certificate program to broaden his skills and find new employment opportunities. ‘For many years I have worked in electrical construction, as a journeyman electrician, but now wish to get into electrical maintenance. Knowledge of PLC's is vital for this type of work.” Read More


Monica Golding

PLC Graduate

PLC Technician Graduate

Monica Golding works in the automotive sector where, as an Electrical Apprentice, she maintains and troubleshoots automated equipment. Monica enrolled in the GBC PLC program with the financial support of her employer. Read More

Brian Kiley

PLC Technician II Graduate

Brian Kiley, Director of Technology Projects at Active Treatment Systems, Inc, is responsible for the design and construction of control units for water treatment systems, including wiring of control panels and programming of PLCs and HMIs. Read More

Ralph Young

PLC Technician Graduate

Ralph Young is the Plant Manager at Wyman’s, a major grower and processor of wild blueberries. When the new blueberry packing line was installed Ralph enrolled in the PLC Technician Certificate program at GBC. He felt it ‘would help him learn their new system, minimize downtime and improve efficiencies.’ Read More

Jason Shell
PLC Technician II Graduate
Jason Shell works at McKee Foods as a second shift Lead Electronics Technician. “At my workplace we use the Allen-Bradley RSLogix 5000 PLC hardware and software. I enrolled in the PLC Technician II program to get a better understanding of this technology and improve my performance at work. I am pleased to say that I have been able to apply a lot of what I learned on a daily basis.” Read More >

Frederic Ekollo
PLC Graduate

PLC GraduateWith the support of his employer, New England Controls, Frederic Ekollo enrolled in the online PLC program. As a System Engineer Frederic spends much of his time doing “programming and configuration, using Emerson DeltaV systems control software but wanted to enhance [his] knowledge of PLC’s. PLC and DeltaV programming are similar in many ways and combining both systems is like driving my dream car.” Read More >



Scott Foltz
PLC Graduate

PLC GraduateScott Foltz, Maintenance Facilitator, is a lead mechanic with a national promotional products manufacturer. His decision to enroll in the PLC Technician program was based on several positive recommendations from maintenance forums and also the flexible format which allowed him to work at his own pace. Read More >



Patrick Gagnon
PLC & PLC II Graduate

PLC Graduate Patrick GagnonPatrick Gagnon is currently working in the military as an Avionics and Electrical Technician. He decided to take both the PLC and PLC Technician II programs to refresh his existing skills but also gain more experience with the technology. Planning for his life after he leaves the military, Patrick is ‘sure the online programs will help [him] find new employment elsewhere.’


Claude Clivet
PLC & PLC II Graduate

Claude Clivet, registered into the PLC and PLC Technician II programs ‘to expand and consolidate [his] knowledge on Allen Bradley PLCs and ladder logic programming and to provide a broader spectrum of service to [his] customers.’ This was particularly relevant to Claude as a Field Service Technician in the food manufacturing sector, where he retrofits, installs, maintains and generally provides technical support for industrial equipment. Read More >

Jordy Risser
PLC Graduate

PLC GraduateJordy Risser works as an industrial electrician at High Liner Foods Inc. “I was interested in learning more about PLC's and their role in automation so I enrolled in the George Brown College PLC Technician program on the recommendation of my colleague. Since taking the PLC program I have a better understanding of programming and how PLC’s work, making me a better troubleshooter. Read More >

David Cataneo
PLC Technician II Graduate

PLC Technician Graduate David CataneoDavid Cataneo is a Project Manager at an electrical services company. He enrolled in the PLC Technician II program “to develop my skills and help ensure I can manage all aspects of any project.” Read More >

Mark Varney
Automation, Robotics & PLC Technician II Graduate

Mike Varney works in industrial maintenance and has completed the Robotics, Automation and PLC Technician II programs. "With my background in electronics and maintenance these programs are exactly what I need to move into a Controls position." Read More >

Tom Troczynski
PLC Graduate

PLC Technician Graduate Tom TroczynskiTom Troczynski, a Welding Engineering Technologist, took the PLC Technician Certificate program in preparation for a new job that required a broader background in PLCs. Read More >


Andrew Reid
PLC Graduate

PLC Technician Graduate Andrew ReidAndrew Reid graduated from the PLC Technician Certificate program at George Brown College. He registered into it "to increase his knowledge and understanding of PLCs, as they are used to control fish production at our factory." Read More >

Phil Boudreau
Electronics & PLC Graduate

PLC Technician Graduate Phil BoudreauPhil Boudreau has completed the Electronics and PLC Technician Certificate programs. "Since taking the Electronics program, I have designed a circuit board for a special application required for air conditioning and refrigeration compressor conversions. Many of our customers use PLCs so I also enrolled in the PLC program to expand my skills. While I have not had the opportunity to work with PLCs yet, I am hoping to get my hands on some equipment very soon in order to apply my knowledge and strengthen my skills even further." Read more >

Ryan Taylor
PLC Technician II

Ryan Taylor is an Electrician at Georgia Pacific and oversees the day-to-day production of lumber products. He enrolled in the PLC Technician II Certificate program "as it was a well-balanced program that helped to reinforce theories that I was familiar with and helped me gain knowledge in concepts where I wanted more information. Read More >

Dimitar Zahariev
PLC, PLCII & Automation Technician Graduate

PLC Technician Graduate Dimitar ZaharievDimitar Zahariev needed to expand his knowledge in the Automation and PLC fields so he chose the George Brown College Certificate programs. Dimitar felt, “They were particularly valuable as they allowed me to study online and on my own pace.” Read More >

Kevin K.
PLC Technician II Graduate

Working as an Industrial Electrician within the automotive sector, Kevin, registered into the PLC Technician II program "to enhance his PLC knowledge but also prepare for a position change as a Controls & Automation Specialist." Read More >

Curtis Keen
PLC Technician II Graduate

Curtis Keen works for a major lumber company and enrolled in the PLC Technician II program “to keep current with all the changes occurring in automation”. Since completing the program he has also enrolled in the Electronics Technician (ET) Certificate program. “After graduating from the ET program I plan on continuing my education with one of the Bachelor of Science options offered through George Brown College." Read More >