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Meet Our Graduates

 Our graduates share stories about their experiences in the PLC Certificate programs.

John Shahin

PLC and PLC Technician II

Once John Shahin graduated from the PLC and PLC Technician II programs, he was able to change jobs and is now working in HVAC manufacturing as a licensed electrician. "By…

Robert Simmons

PLC Technician II

Robert Simmons, an Industrial Electrician, works at West Fraser- Barwick, a wood products company producing lumber, engineered wood (OSB, LVL, MDF, plywood, particleboard), and other products…

Michael Sovereign

PLC Technician II

Michael Sovereign has been working for New Gold Inc in Rainy River, Ontario “for five years, first as a Maintenance Electrician and for the past two years as a Process Control Specialist. My…

V.R. PLC Graduate

PLC Graduate

V.R. currently works in Transportation Services as a Facilities Engineering Electrician. His responsibilities include electrical repair, maintenance, and installation. ‘In the automation field, I…

PLC Graduate

Anil Mathew

PLC Technician II

Anil Mathew is a Developmental Electrical Designer at Price Industries, where he is responsible for design and drawings of electrical HVAC units. Anil selected the PLC program at George Brown…

Tony, PLC Graduate

Tony Samper

PLC Graduate

Now that l have completed the PLC Technician program, l wish to express my appreciation for your follow up when l slowed down during my studies, especially through the…

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Tom Troczynski

PLC Graduate

Tom Troczynski, a Welding Engineering Technologist, took the PLC Technician Certificate program in preparation for a new job that required a broader background in PLCs. Tom found "the program…

Terrance Ryan

PLC Graduate
Terrance Ryan enrolled in the PLC Technician Certificate program to broaden his skills and find new employment opportunities. ‘For many years I have worked in electrical construction, as a journeyman…

Jose Andres Avecillas Andrade

PLC Technician II
Jose Andres Avecillas Andrade is an Industrial Engineer where his responsibilities include preventive and corrective maintenance of AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and automation systems, as well as…

John Howe

PLC II Graduate

John Howe is an Engineering Manager and Electrical Engineer.  He registered into the PLC Technician Certificate “as a refresher program that would fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge.  In my…