PLC Technician II Program Outline

Students are earning their PLC Technician II Certificate without ever stepping foot into a classroom. Many organizations have adopted our unique program into their training program and many schools have adopted our program into their curriculum.

What makes our PLC curriculum so unique?

The PLC Technician II Certificate Program consists of 19 modules of interactive curriculum using text, video, audio, 2D and 3D animations and laboratory simulation software; including 50 lab projects presented in 10 "real world" 3D PLC application environments. This multimedia program includes interactive exercises, sample exams and online technical and PLC tutorial support to help prepare you for online computer-based final exams.

The PLC Technician II Certificate program prepares graduates of the program for employment and/or further on-the-job training as a PLC technician in the field of consumer, commercial and industrial manufacturing. This PLC training, it will enable students to provide technical support and service during the programming, installation, operation and repair of PLC equipment and systems.

"The aspect of the programs I liked most was the simulation labs as I can continue to use them throughout my career and keep my skills up-to-date. In addition I have been compensated for my broader skill set."  Mike Varney, PLC II, Automation & Robotics Graduate

The following links provide detailed descriptions of the modules contained in the PLC Technician II Certificate program.

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1 - Introduction to Advanced PLCs
2 - PLC Processors
3 - I/O System
4 - Programming Terminals and Peripherals
5 - Installation and Maintenance of PLCs
6 - Tag-Based PLCs
7 - Ladder Logic Programming
8 - Timers
9 - Counters
10 - Branch and Loop Control
11 - Sequencers
12 - Data Handling
13 - Math Instructions
14 - Process Control
15 - PLC Communications
16 - Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
17 - SCADA Systems
18 - Advanced PLC Programming Languages
19 - Robotics