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Simulation Software

The PLC Technician program incorporates PLCLogix 500, a PLC simulation software that’s the perfect tool with which to learn the fundamentals of PLC operations and ladder logic programming. PLCLogix 500 emulates the Rockwell RSLogix 500 series of PLCs, allowing students to test, debug and practice their programming skills by converting their computer into a fully functioning PLC.

The PLCLogix 500 simulator includes:

  • Highly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) displays the ladder logic, controller organizer , I/O chassis and range of control panel
  • 250 pre-built lab projects; including 50 lab projects presented within the 3D PLC application environments

Process Control Lab Project

  • 11 interactive 3D animations or “3DWorlds” which emulate a wide range of manufacturing and service applications.

    Batche Mixer

  • The 3DWorlds graphically simulate process control operations in: Batch Mixing, Bottling Line, Dual-Compressor, Elevator, Moving Car Wash, Silo, Single-Compressor, Stationary Car Wash, Traffic Lights, Warehouse Door and Valve
  • Each of the 11 worlds contains interactive control panels with switches, pushbuttons, dials, levers, data input, thumbwheels, etc.
  • 5 camera views and a zoom function allowing the user to “move” around inside each environment in order to gain a better understanding of the ladder logic programs execution and operation