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Meet Our Graduates

 Our graduates share stories about their experiences in the PLC Certificate programs.

Jason Shell

PLC Technician II Graduate
Jason Shell works at McKee Foods as a second shift Lead Electronics Technician. “At my workplace we use the Allen-Bradley RSLogix 5000 PLC hardware and software. I enrolled in the PLC Technician II…

Joseph Sallay

PLC Graduate

Joseph Sallay is an Operations Supervisor at a municipal wastewater treatment facility.  ‘PLCs are used throughout our main treatment plant and auxiliary facilities.  We regularly operate as users…

Kenzie Markey

PLC & PLC Technician II Graduate
‘With government financial assistance, I was able to enroll into the PLC and PLC Technician II programs. I had one year of experience troubleshooting and programming PLCs, both the SLC500 and 5000…

Claude Clivet

PLC & PLC II Graduate

Claude Clivet, registered into the PLC and PLC Technician II programs ‘to expand and consolidate [his] knowledge on Allen Bradley PLCs and ladder logic programming and to provide a broader…

Ryan Taylor

PLC Technician II

Ryan Taylor is an Electrician at Georgia Pacific and oversees the day-to-day production of lumber products. He enrolled in the PLC Technician II Certificate program "as it was a well-balanced…

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Dimitar Zahariev

PLC, PLCII & Automation Technician Graduate

Dimitar Zahariev needed to expand his knowledge in the Automation and PLC fields so he chose the George Brown College Certificate programs. Dimitar felt, “They were particularly valuable as they…

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Jordy Risser

PLC Graduate

Jordy Risser works as an industrial electrician at High Liner Foods Inc. “I was interested in learning more about PLC's and their role in automation so I enrolled in the George Brown College PLC…

Mike Diomartich

PLC Student
Mike Diomartich is a Mechanical Processing Engineer at FlowDynamics Inc., a company delivering food and beverage liquid processing services to the food and beverage industry. Part of Mike’s work…

Ralph Young

PLC Technician Graduate
Ralph Young is the Plant Manager at Wyman’s, a major grower and processor of wild blueberries. When the new blueberry packing line was installed Ralph enrolled in the PLC Technician Certificate…

Mark Varney

Automation, Robotics & PLC Technician II Graduate

Mike Varney works in industrial maintenance and has completed the Robotics, Automation and PLC Technician II programs. "With my background in electronics and maintenance these programs are exactly…