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Meet Our Graduates

 Our graduates share stories about their experiences in the PLC Certificate programs.

Mike Diomartich

PLC Student
Mike Diomartich is a Mechanical Processing Engineer at FlowDynamics Inc., a company delivering food and beverage liquid processing services to the food and beverage industry. Part of Mike’s work…

Ralph Young

PLC Technician Graduate
Ralph Young is the Plant Manager at Wyman’s, a major grower and processor of wild blueberries. When the new blueberry packing line was installed Ralph enrolled in the PLC Technician Certificate…

Mark Varney

Automation, Robotics & PLC Technician II Graduate

Mike Varney works in industrial maintenance and has completed the Robotics, Automation and PLC Technician II programs. "With my background in electronics and maintenance these programs are exactly…

Curtis Keen

PLC Technician II Graduate

Curtis Keen works for a major lumber company and enrolled in the PLC Technician II program “to keep current with all the changes occurring…

Eugene Alexeenko

PLC II Graduate
Eugene Alexeenko is an Electrical Instrumentation Control Technician at the City of Toronto, working at a water treatment facility.
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Scott Foltz

PLC Graduate

Scott Foltz, Maintenance Facilitator, is a lead mechanic with a national promotional products manufacturer. His decision to enroll in the PLC Technician program was based on several positive…

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Phil Boudreau

Electronics & PLC Graduate

Phil Boudreau has completed the Electronics and PLC Technician Certificate programs. "Since taking the Electronics program, I have designed a circuit board for a special application required for…

Brett Seely

PLC Graduate
Brett Seely works at Santa Rosa Systems (SRS) as an Electrical Engineer. He designs extendable conveyor systems, specifically by writing and modifying programs, as well as providing backup to the…
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Monica Golding

PLC Technician Graduate
Monica Golding works in the automotive sector where, as an Electrical Apprentice, she maintains and troubleshoots automated equipment. Monica enrolled in the GBC PLC program with the financial…
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David Cataneo

PLC Technician II Graduate

David Catataneo is a Project Manager at an electrical services company. He enrolled in the PLC Technician II program “to develop my skills and help ensure I can manage all aspects of any project…