Sumit Khangura enrolled in the PLC Technician program to supplement his Electronics Engineering Technology degree, as it did not provide an in-depth study of PLCs. He explained that his employer, Nav Canada, ‘didn't even ask me about my degree, they wanted to know more about my certificate in PLCs.’

Sumit is an Installation Technician ‘responsible for doing any and all PLC and automation related work.’

He believes that taking the PLC Technician program and learning about PLCs ‘really helped me when interfacing PLCs to scale controllers.’ He cites a specific time at work where there was ‘an issue with bit formatting which I was able to troubleshoot. I determined that the PLC was displaying the wrong weight due to using the wrong datatype; a byte instead of a double was initially used in the ladder logic program.’

There are a number of features of the program that he liked, first, ‘the certificate was self-paced, I could go as fast or as slow as I wanted and did not have to adhere to a professor's schedule and second, the simulation software ‘was an excellent tool to learn programming ladder logic.’ Meet More Graduates