Phil Boudreau
Electronics & PLC Graduate

PLC Technician Graduate Phil BoudreauPhil Boudreau has completed the Electronics and PLC Technician Certificate programs. "Since taking the Electronics program, I have designed a circuit board for a special application required for air conditioning and refrigeration compressor conversions. Many of our customers use PLCs so I also enrolled in the PLC program to expand my skills. While I have not had the opportunity to work with PLCs yet, I am hoping to get my hands on some equipment very soon in order to apply my knowledge and strengthen my skills even further."

"I really liked the simulators as they helped fast-track my understanding of various concepts. I was able to learn and remember technical concepts much more easily when I practiced them using the simulation tools."

"The online forum was also helpful. The discussion forum proved to be a great resource since I was often able to find answers to my questions that were previously asked by other students who had similar challenges with the course content."

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