Kevin K.
PLC Technician II Graduate

Working as an Industrial Electrician within the automotive sector, Kevin, registered into the PLC Technician II program "to enhance his PLC knowledge but also prepare for a position change as a Controls & Automation Specialist."

Kevin was able to apply much of what he learned in the program to his current job. "We have many Siemens PLC's at work, however the GBC program gave me a broader sense of PLC's in the industry. Although I am programming Siemen's PLC's I found that it was fundamentally the same as taught in the GBC program. I work with robotics in my job so the module on Robotics was very informative."

"The 'go at your own pace' was important as it allowed me to work around my full time job. As well the interactive hands on' approach to the programming made it much easier to understand.

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