PLC II Program FAQ


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1. What does the program cost and what payment options are available?
2. Is the PLC Technician II Certificate program accredited?
3. Are there prerequisites for the PLC II Technician program?
4. Does the program have a specific start and end date?
5. How long does it take to complete the program?
6. What is the difference between the PLC Technician program and the PLC Technician II program?
7. Should I enroll in the PLC or PLC Technician II program?
8. Are there exams and how are they written?
9. What is the passing grade for the program?
10. Do I ever have to physically attend the college?
11. What is included in the Interactive Learning Package?
12. What kind of technical and tutorial support is offered?
13. How do you obtain hands-on-experience with this program?
14. What computer hardware and software is needed to complete this program?
15. What is the withdrawal, drop and refund policy?
16. What is the Honor System Policy?