PLC Technician II Program

The PLC Technician II Certificate program provides a more advanced study of PLCs in manufacturing including Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) and advanced programming languages. This program can be completed without taking the first PLC program however is more challenging to learn since it uses tag-based addressing.

The program includes PLCLogix  5000, our lab simulator based on the RSLogix 5000 programming applications. It enables you to design, run, test and debug ladder logic programs and simulate the operation of real-world PLC components.




“The PLC Technician II program [helped me] to develop my skills and ensure I can manage all aspects of any project.” -David Cataneo, PLC Graduate

PLC Technician II Certificate covers the following material:

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1 - Introduction to Advanced PLCs
2 - PLC Processors
3 - I/O System
4 - Programming Terminals and Peripherals
5 - Installation and Maintenance of PLCs
6 - Tag-Based PLCs
7 - Ladder Logic Programming
8 - Timers
9 - Counters
10 - Branch and Loop Control
11 - Sequencers
12 - Data Handling
13 - Math Instructions
14 - Process Control
15 - PLC Communications
16 - Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
17 - SCADA Systems
18 - Advanced PLC Programming Languages
19 - Robotics

PLC Technician II Screenshot